Regional Custom Home Builders

With over 20 years’ experience, Christou Homes specialises in the design and build of custom homes and knockdown rebuild projects.

YOUR Local experts


Finding the right custom home builder in your area can make all the difference. At Christou Homes, we offer specialised services across Western Sydney, Oran Park, Kellyville, Parramatta, and Ryde. Our local expertise ensures your home is perfectly suited to your region’s unique characteristics.

Custom home builders in Western sydney AND beyond

In Western Sydney, we design tailored homes that fit the local lifestyle and environment. Our innovative and personalised building solutions in Oran Park ensure each home reflects the unique needs of its residents. In Kellyville, we craft high-quality homes with local flair, while in Parramatta, our expert builders create bespoke homes that stand out. For the Ryde community, we design unique and stylish homes that blend seamlessly with the area.

Build Locally WITH Christou homes

Building locally means understanding local needs. Our team is dedicated to providing personalised service and exceptional craftsmanship. Enquire now with Christou Homes to start your custom home project in your region.


As far as we’re concerned, strong relationships are the cornerstone of construction success. It’s why we’re so passionate about taking the time to build meaningful connections with our clients, to ensure we can provide a professional yet tailored service.


Integrity underpins everything we do at Christou Homes. Our team is always open and honest in our dealings with clients and strive to provide complete transparency throughout the building process – whether it’s during the quotation, design or construction stage.


We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. Mark Christou’s attention to detail is infallible, thanks to his more than two decades of experience, and he holds his entire team to the same standards of quality. This ensures excellence in every inch of our projects.

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When you partner with Christou Homes, you choose a builder who will not only build you an exceptional home, but who values relationships, integrity and excellence – from concept to creation. If you’re ready to partner with our team, get in touch via the form below. We look forward to discussing your custom home building project.